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Metallica streams song from remastered ‘Garage Days’ EP

Photo by HERBERT P. OCZERET/AFP/Getty Images

Metallica is streaming a remastered version of the band’s cover of ’70s British metal trio Budgie‘s “Crash Course In Brain Surgery.” The track is from the next Metallica reissue, a deluxe edition of the group’s 1987 covers collection The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Re-Revisited. The package will be available in stores on April 13th in time to celebrate Record Store Day. The long-out-of-print EP included five songs that were later released as a part of the Garage, Inc. double album, but this release brings them back in the original format.

CHECK IT OUT: Listen to “Crash Course In Brain Surgery”:

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The remastered EP will not only be released as a CD and download, but also as several vinyl versions including a picture disc, as well as a cassette, and in long-deleted packaging known as a longbox.

All pre-orders will receive an instant download of the remastered version of “The Wait,” originally recorded by Killing Joke.

Listen to “The Wait”:

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The set also includes Metallica versions of Diamond Head‘s “Helpless,” Holocaust‘s “The Small Hours” and medley of the Misfits‘ “Last Caress” and “Green Hell.”

The EP also marked the recording debut with the group of bassist Jason Newsted, who replaced the late Cliff Burton in the fall of 1986 and stayed with the band until 2001. Bassist Robert Trujillo took over in 2002.

Story source: Blabbermouth

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