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Marilyn Manson reschedules tour, recalls terrifying stage accident


Photo by Gabriel Grams | Getty Images

After a horrifying stage accident a few weeks ago, Marilyn Manson was forced to postpone tour dates. After a stay in the hospital, the rocker is beginning to talk openly about the extent of his injuries.

In a new interview with Yahoo!, Manson revealed that he has only recently seen the video footage of the stage prop falling on him. He said: “I wasn’t trying to climb it. It started to fall and I tried to push back and I didn’t get out the way in time. I’m not sure what I hit my head on, but it did fall onto my leg and break the fibula in two places. The pain was excruciating.”

According to Healthline, doctors inserted a plate and 10 screws into the bone, plus another screw through his ankle bone, then wrapped a solid cast around his leg.
Manson acknowledged that the damage could have been much worse. “It definitely could have crushed my skull and my ribs. I have some minor bruising in that area, but it took six guys to pull it off of me. It was like wrestling a giant iron monster.”

The tour was immediately postponed, but shows have now been rescheduled. His return to the stage will be November 5 in Devore, California for Ozzfest Meets Knotfest.


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