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Måneskin is determined to prove they are worthy

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Måneskin is one of the few European rock bands that have been able to conquer the United States in recent years, and singer Damiano David thinks he knows why they’ve succeeded when others have not.

“I think that the main reason that Europeans don’t reach the U.S. is because many of them don’t even think about it,” he shares in a new interview with Esquire. “It’s like, the game is over, it’s impossible, so we’re not even going to think about it or think about strategies to do it.” He notes that some may have thought Eurovision was “too mainstream” or “too cheesy,” but they saw it as a way to be seen, “so at least someone could have been conquered by us.”

Of course not everyone is going to like the Italian band’s music, but David will do everything possible to make that happen, especially in concert. 

“You know there’s that one mother******, he’s with his girlfriend, standing with his arms crossed,” he says. “And you have to get him. I f****** stalk him, look right in his eyes, like, ‘You’re the one who’s wrong. Look at everybody around you.’”

As for critics who say there’s nothing all that new about Måneskin’s look or sound, they don’t seem to care.

“We’re not trying to emulate or copy anyone, it’s just what feels good in the moment,” bassist Victoria De Angelis says. “And our fans, especially the younger fans, they’re not used to seeing it. So maybe something that for you is cliché is something new for the younger generation.” She adds, “So even if it’s nothing new in the world, and there’s a bunch of bands that have done it, for them, it’s something they’re discovering.”

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