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Machine Gun Kelly says he wears Megan Fox's blood around his neck


Machine Gun Kelly is making sure a piece of Megan Fox with him at all times — by wearing her blood around his neck. 

On Sunday, MGK shared a series of photos of the couple in an Instagram post. One of the photos was of a necklace that appeared to have a drop of blood in it, seemingly implying it was Fox’s.

He captioned the post, “I wear your blood around my neck” and tagged “My Bloody Valentine” as the location. 

Fox also posted a Valentine’s day tribute of her own alongside a slideshow of pictures showcasing the couple together.

“There goes my heart, manifest outside of my body,” the 34-year-old actress wrote.

Fox then went on to describe MGK as her “unusually handsome boy” among other things, before wishing him a Happy Valentine’s Day. There was no mention of blood in her post. 

By Danielle Long
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