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Lorde reactivates her secret onion ring rating account

Burak Cingi/Redferns

Three years ago, Lorde was outed by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show as having a secret Instagram account on which she rated onion rings.  Yes, onion rings.  After being busted, she shut down the account — but now it’s back.

@OnionRingsWorldwide is now up and running once again, and in the first new post, Lorde writes cheekily, “Don’t call it a crumb back…”

In another post, she then explained, “I’ve got to be honest with you, this reviewer stopped ordering onion rings after her identity was leaked to the press in the great debacle of 2017. I’d get a smile and a wink from waitstaff — it got embarrassing, you know? But it occurred to me that some things are too good to let the internet spoil.”

You can now read Lorde’s ratings of onion rings at the Crusty Crab fish and chip shop in Russell, New Zealand, John Dory’s Takeaways in Herne Bay, New Zealand, and Fergburger in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Hopefully, in 2021, Lorde will release her long-awaited follow-up to Melodrama, which might mean she’d be traveling to other countries, which might in turn mean that she’ll be able to once again give us her thoughts on onion rings around the globe.

By Andrea Dresdale
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