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Listen to Tame Impala remix Crowded House’s “To the Island”

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Australians unite on Tame Impala‘s new remix of a Crowded House song.

The Sydney-born Kevin Parker put his spin on the track “To the Island,” a cut off the Melbourne-formed band’s upcoming new album Dreamers Are Waiting, due out June 4.

“With all the world upended and nothing in its right place we became curious to hear how our favorite contemporary musicians and record makers might reimagine a Crowded House song,” says frontman Neil Finn, who originally hails from New Zealand.

“I emailed our version of ‘To the Island’ to Kevin Parker with an invitation to take it apart and reassemble in his own unique way,” he adds. “Happily, he really liked the song and it was an absolute delight to hear what he made from it, an exotic fantasy I would call it.”

You can listen to the Tame Impala remix now via digital outlets. It’ll also be included on a seven-inch vinyl single alongside another remix by New Zealand band Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

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