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Listen to Mike Shinoda’s new ‘Scream VI’ single “In My Head” now

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After co-writing and producing “Still Alive,” Demi Lovato‘s soundtrack song from Scream VI — and appearing in the video for the track — Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda has now unveiled his own song from the film.

In My Head,” featuring singer Kailee Morgue, is now available. It’s heard both in the Scream VI opening scene in the movie and over the end titles.

Noting that Linkin Park is gearing up to release a 20th anniversary edition of Meteora on April 7, Shinoda says in a statement, “I love that this moment is both a look backward and a look forward, releasing an Anniversary retrospective of Meteora and brand-new music at the same time.”

He adds, “My whole career, I’ve jumped from Linkin Park to solo stuff to working with others, and it feels great to dive back into that rhythm. Plus, having both ‘In My Head’ and Demi Lovato’s ‘Still Alive’ in the new Scream VI film is a huge thrill.”

The Meteora package features the new single “Lost” and is available for pre-order now.

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