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Linkin Park posts video clip of “Sharp Edges” as live album arrives


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Just one day before the Friday (December 15th) release of its new live package, One More Light LiveLinkin Park has posted a video clip of late singer Chester Bennington and guitarist Brad Delson performing a stripped-down rendition of the song “Sharp Edges.” Bennington handles the vocals and plays electric guitar, while Delson strums an acoustic for the haunting performance.

Vocalist Mike Shinoda said a while back that Linkin Park has always sought the best way to perform its songs live: “We try to approach how we perform our songs with integrity, and the stuff we write in the studio can be really layered. There can be a lot of stuff in there — lots of tracks of cool sounds and samples and keyboards and multiple guitars and all this. And sometimes it’s a big challenge to bring that to the stage, but we end up just finding a way to make it all work.”

  • One More Light Live collects 16 performances from Linkin Park’s summer 2017 shows in support of their most recent album, One More Light. The tour also marked the band’s last with Bennington, who died on July 20th.
  • In a statement announcing the record, Linkin Park said, “The shows we played together during the early summer of 2017 were extraordinary. Chester shared with us that he felt this was the best tour we had ever done. The camaraderie and joy we experienced on stage reflected our deep connection with each other, with our fans, and with the music.”
  • The live set will arrive five months after the 41-year-old Bennington committed suicide on July 20th at his Los Angeles area home.
  • The band paid tribute to Bennington on October 27th with an emotional three-hour show that featured numerous guests joining them onstage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.


CHECK IT OUT: Watch the video clip of “Sharp Edges”

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