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Lars Ulrich says Metallica could bring back ‘Orion Festival’


Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Orion Music + More

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told Music Week that the band could bring back its Orion Music + More festival, which the group staged in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 2012 and Detroit in June 2013. Ulrich said, “Orion is our thing. At the right time and right place, we would definitely bring that back.” He added, “We rolled the dice and neither of the set-ups we threw ourselves into was ultimately the right set-up. We gave it two shots in America and neither were right. I think we’ve talked about maybe doing something in Europe.”

  • Ulrich said in a Canadian interview that the band hoped to possibly resurrect Orion Music + More in Europe, Canada or Mexico.
  • The drummer’s latest comments come two years after Metallica frontman James Hetfield said that the band “lost millions” of dollars by staging Orion, making it unlikely the band would get involved in such a project ever again.
  • The June 2013 Orion event at Belle Isle in Detroit drew at least 40,000 people over the course of two days to see Metallica, Red Hot Chili PeppersDeftonesSilversun PickupsRise Against and more.
  • Asked if Metallica would make the festival less diverse and more focused on metal than in the past, Ulrich replied, “The one thing that we talked about doing would maybe be to do something that was a little smaller and do something that was more . . . like a boutique, where it’s more full-on Metallica. Maybe it’s just Metallica and some stuff, like museum stuff, and just maybe making it only Metallica for a whole weekend, but making it smaller.”


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