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Lars Ulrich peers into the next five years for Metallica


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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was asked during his recent career-spanning interview at New York’s 92Y cultural center where he saw the band five years from now. Ulrich responded, “We’re gonna keep playing the same amount of gigs on this tour that we have on previous tours, but we just do it over a longer period of time. So five years from now, I would say that . . . we’ve got hopefully a couple of years left of touring on this record. And then we just wanna get back to making records and continuing.”

He continued, “There’s absolutely no reason for any of this to slow down other than physical ailments. Shoulders, necks, knees, throats — all that stuff . . . if we can stay physically healthy, we should hopefully be able to do this for another 20 years. So hopefully five years from now, we’ll be deep into making the next record.”

  • It’s been a year since Metallica released its 10th studio album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, and the band intends to continue touring well into 2018. Ulrich said, “We’re on a roll. We’re having the time of our lives.”
  • It was eight years between Metallica albums this time and Ulrich explained not long ago why it takes longer now for the band to deliver new music: “There’s a lot of factors that play into that. I mean, the two obvious ones are basically the world is a busier place to tour, there’s more places to play than there was 20 or 25 or 30 years ago. And then obviously as you advance in age and, you know, still find a way to stand up straight most of the time, you obviously need more chill time, which obviously then means that it just takes longer.”
  • Ulrich said in the same 92Y interview that he is not opposed to one day touring the world as a hologram, defending the idea of using technology to put any artist who ever lived back onstage years or decades from now.
  • Metallica just completed a run of European dates last week and will pick up again after a break next February 1st in Lisbon, Portugal.


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