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Kings of Leon go missing in new video for “Find Me”


Kings Of Leon have released a new video for the track "Find Me" that takes place in a small town during a creepy string of disappearances. A semi-sequel to the clip for the chart-topping "Waste A Moment," the new video opens with photos of Kings of Leon members when they were young before giving way to news broadcasts about missing teenagers and even an entire high school vanishing. The incidents may be connected to a ponytailed old man who was previously seen in the "Waste A Moment" video. By the end, adults watching the news unfold begin to drop dead in front of their TV sets.

"Find Me" appears on Kings Of Leon's seventh studio album, Walls, and frontman Caleb Followill told us that the songs on this one are especially personal: "I'm one of those guys that you don't really see me cry, it's always been hard for me, but I can say what I'm feeling. And on this album I went to the guys and I even went to my wife, and I was like, 'You know, I feel like I need to say this, and this is what's on my mind,' and everyone was like, 'You have to say it.' So yeah, it's definitely very personal."

  • Walls became the first Number One album of Kings Of Leon's career when it debuted in the top spot on the Billboard 200 album chart two months ago.
  • The October 14th release sold 77,000 physical and/or digital copies in its first week. Walls is the band's fourth Top 10 album, but the highest any of its previous releases reached was Number Two.
  • The band tour kicks off an extensive North American tour on January 12th in National Harbor, Maryland.

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