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Killers frontman issues statement on Las Vegas massacre

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Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has posted a statement on Facebook in which he expressed his grief and shock over the mass shooting that took place in his hometown of Las Vegas on Sunday night (October 1st), in which a 64-year-old white male named Stephen Paddock murdered 59 people and injured more than 500 others with high-powered assault weapons as they attended a country festival.

After his band originally tweeted a short tribute, Flowers later wrote, “I’m a Vegas boy. I always have been and — even though I just moved my wife and kids to Utah — I always will be. This past Sunday on a flight home from Australia, I flew over my hometown. Forehead to the window I looked down on Las Vegas and felt a prick of nostalgia . . . I could see the city as a whole, but I couldn’t look close enough to see what was about to unfold.”

He continued, “It’s hard to believe it’s real. My prayers go out to those whose lives were taken and to everyone else affected by this nightmare. I’m devastated for my community and for all of the people who gather together to see live music. Some of the happiest moments of my life have happened at concerts . . . My heart swells when I hear the stories of people putting their lives on the line to help each other — defying the stereotypes of what people say Las Vegas is all about. We’re all long lost brothers and sisters. I miss my town, I miss my mom, I miss these victims I didn’t even know, but I look forward to getting together with you real soon to keep their memory alive.”

  • Flowers was born in Henderson, Nevada, a city approximately 16 miles southeast of Las Vegas, in 1981.
  • The singer said a while back that people always point out that they can tell the band is from Vegas: “People say they hear it in our music, but I guess only outsiders could really tell, you know. I mean, I know there are bands that I listen to and I’ll definitely think that I hear where they’re from and things like that, but it’s always from an outsider’s viewpoint, I think.”
  • Scores of musicians have posted reactions online to the tragedy in Vegas, for which authorities are still seeking a motive. The gunman killed himself before he could be arrested.
  • The Killers recently issued their fifth LP, and first in five years, titled Wonderful Wonderful. It topped the Billboard 200 during its debut week on the charts.


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