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Killers address touring lineup changes


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The Killers have posted a message online addressing the absence of guitarist Dave Keuning from the lineup for the band’s upcoming tour. Keuning is the second original member of the group to sit out live work, following bassist Mark Stoermer last year. The new statement read, “Despite conjecture, The Killers are the same four weirdos we’ve always been. And worry not, we will not be performing as a two-piece. As our fans have seen, the live lineup has grown over the years. Both Ted (Sablay, guitar) and Jake (Blanton, bass/keyboards) have been in the mix for a very long time (since Sam’s Town and Battle Born). Hell, we even have 3 background singers now!”

The statement added, “As Dave announced to Q Magazine, he will be taking a break from touring to spend time with his family. We respect his decision, just as we respected Mark’s decision to go back to college. More importantly, Wonderful Wonderful will be released on September 22, and we can’t wait for you to hear it – on record and it at the shows. We will not disappoint.”

  • Both Keuning and Stoermer remain official members of the band and both appear on the band’s new album.
  • Frontman Brandon Flowers has spoken publicly about the group’s unusual arrangement, saying, “The fact that you can continue to record music together is a good example of how far you’ve come as a band, as individuals, as a family and shows a real sense of maturity.”
  • Wonderful Wonderful is the Killers’ fifth album. They’ve just released a video for the song “Run For Cover.”
  • The band has several festival dates coming up this fall, and will begin a North American headlining tour on January 5th, 2018 in Toronto.


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