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Josh Homme segments pulled from BBC children’s series


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CBeebies, the children’s network of England’s BBC, has decided not to air two pre-recorded segments of its Bedtime Stories series featuring Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, following the incident last weekend where he kicked a female photographer in the face at a show in Los Angeles. Homme taped three segments for the series, one of which  already aired back in September. A BBC spokesperson told The Telegraph that the remaining segments won’t be aired “until the matter is resolved.”

  • Bedtime Stories features celebrities reading children’s stories and has showcased appearances from Chris EvansDolly PartonJames McAvoyTom HardyPatrick Stewart, Simon Pegg and others. 
  • Homme has already issued two apologies for the incident, which took place last Saturday night (December 9th). 
  • In video footage, Homme can be seen walking across the stage and playing guitar before he passes photographer Chelsea Lauren in the photo pit, stops briefly, then issues a direct kick to her camera which sends it into her face.
  • While he said in his first response that he was “lost in performance” and hadn’t noticed Lauren had been hurt when he kicked her camera, he posted a more extensive apology on video the next day, saying in part, “I’d just like to apologize to Chelsea Lauren. I don’t have any excuse or reason to justify what I did. I was a total d**k, and I’m truly sorry, and I hope you’re okay.”
  • Homme added, “I want to be a good man, but I think last night I definitely failed at that . . . I’m gonna have to figure out some stuff, I think.”
  • Lauren was treated at a local ER after the concert and said she planned to file a police report.
  • At the same show, Homme called the audience “retards” and made a disrespectful remark about headliners Muse.


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