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Joe Trohman speaks on the future of Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy performs in St. Louis during The M A N I A Tour at Scottrade Center on Saturday, October 21st, 2017.
Photo by Reema Shah | Out Of The Black Photography for 105.7 The Point

Fall Out Boy‘s lead guitarist Joe Trohman has opened up about the status of the band. Trohman told Rolling Stone, “I’d say there is a future. I honestly have no idea what it is. I don’t want that to sound ominous. We did Mania, and three records back to back, and we’re literally seriously taking time to be with families and make anything that anyone else wants to make without the looming schedule of Fall Out Boy overhead, which is great. It’s something that we all needed.”

He continued, “We all needed a break. We went back to back for years, again. And again, we learned that lesson first time around not to do that again, not to go nine years or whatever and then, like, beat ourselves into a hateful submission. This time it was what, five or six years? And we were like, ‘Cool, let’s give ourselves a healthy break from this’. But I mean, will there be Fall Out Boy again? Yeah, I do not see why not. Yes.”

Story Source: Rolling Stone


  • Fall Out Boy formed in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb outside of Chicago in 2001.
  • Last year, they received their second Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album for MANIA.
  • Rolling Stone placed Fall Out Boy’s 2003 album Take This To Your Grave as the fifth greatest pop-punk albums of all time , citing it as “[ushering] in a whole new, genre-blurring scene.

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