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Jimmy Eat World premieres new “Place Your Debts” remix

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Jimmy Eat World has shared a new remix of “Place Your Debts,” recorded in collaboration with musician and producer TW Walsh.

“To me, ‘Place Your Debts’ sounds like a long-lost late 80’s [sic] maximalist anthem,” Walsh says. “The original track has a nostalgic and classic feel. It’s a killer song!”

Walsh adds, “I tried to re-imagine it as if it came from an alternate dark timeline of minimalism, drum machines, tape loops and analog synths. Like disco night at the arcade…dancing into the apocalypse.”

You can listen to the “Place Your Debts” remix now via digital outlets.

The original “Place Your Debts” dropped in October. It’s the second new Jimmy Eat World tune of 2022, following “Something Loud.”

Jimmy Eat World’s most recent album is 2019’s Surviving.

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