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Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro drops off Smashing Pumpkins tour due to continued long COVID effects

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Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro will not be joining the band on their upcoming tour with The Smashing Pumpkins due to continued effects from a bout of long COVID-19 that he’s been dealing with since last December.

“I had hoped for a full recovery by October but I am still very fatigued and will not be able to join this leg,” Navarro writes in a social media post.

Navarro adds that he’s “personally gutted” to miss the tour, which kicks off this Sunday in Dallas, especially since it will mark the return of original Jane’s bassist Eric Avery, who reunited with the band over the summer.

“We wanted to bring you the original lineup but that will have to wait until I’m recovered,” Navarro writes. “While the band is touring, I will be working on new new Jane’s material in the studio here in [Los Angeles].”

Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, who’s also played in A Perfect Circle and Failure, will fill in for Navarro on the tour.

“[Van Leeuwen] is a great guy and I am honored to have him help make this tour happen,” Navarro says. “Though I am saddened to not make this tour I am focused on making a full recovery and rejoining the guys when I am able.”

“I truly wish the band well on this tour and I am confident they will bring everything to make it a fabulous show,” he adds. “Go get ’em guys! Maybe I can get to a show one night and watch my own band for the first time.”

Navarro’s condition previously forced Jane’s to cancel their set at the Welcome to Rockville festival earlier this year, which led to the reunion of Perry Farrell‘s other band, Porno for Pyros.

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