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Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro spearheads anti-suicide concert

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro is spearheading a concert in Los Angeles next week called “Above Ground,” which is aimed at raising awareness of suicide prevention and mental health issues. The April 16th event will feature appearances from Stone Sour‘s Corey TaylorCourtney LoveA Perfect Circle‘s Billy HowerdelDave Kushner of Velvet RevolverBilly Idol and his guitarist Steve StevensJerry Harrison from Talking Heads and more.

In an interview with Yahoo!, Navarro spoke about the “massive impact” that the suicides of Linkin Park‘s Chester Bennington and Soundgarden‘s Chris Cornell had on him.

Navarro said, “We have lost a lot of friends this year, due to mental health issues . . . I can’t sit here and say what they did and didn’t have, and what caused them to do what they did. But I would say that going to Chris Cornell’s funeral and seeing Chester Bennington sing a beautiful song for his friend, and then (Chester) taking his life a month later, really had a massive impact on me.”

Navarro added, “I couldn’t help but be brought back to the times when I had felt that lonely, that desperate, that suicidal, and I just want to change the playing field and let people know that there are options out there.”

The show will feature full performances of two classic albums: the Velvet Underground‘s 1967 debut, The Velvet Underground & Nico, and Adam & the Ants‘ 1980 album, Kings Of The Wild Frontier.

Navarro told us a while back about having dinner with late Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed one night in New York City: “It was just rad, you know. I was sitting with Lou Reed having Italian food, you know, at some Little Italy place. It was just. . . We just talked about motorcycles and music and politics, of course, and it was very difficult to converse with him because just his energy is so intense that it’s almost pummeling.”

The concert will take place at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, with the profits being donated to MusiCares, a charity of the Recording Academy.

Story source: Yahoo!

In an interview with Loudwire, Corey Taylor said about the concert, “I’m really happy to be part of the show. I’ve tried to do a lot, not just to raise awareness of suicide, but for depression in general, and trying to take the stigma off that, and encourage people to get more positive help, so that they really see what their options are as far as getting the help that they need.”

CHECK IT OUT: Watch a video about the concert and its goals:

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