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Jack White needles Elon Musk over Kanye West Twitter suspension: “How’s that ‘free speech’ thing working out?”

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Jack White is continuing to criticize Elon Musk amid the new Twitter owner’s recent suspension of Kanye West‘s account.

The rapper, also known as Ye, made antisemitic remarks during an interview Thursday with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, during which he said he “like[s]” Adolf Hitler. He later posted a tweet featuring an image of a swastika. Musk said Ye was suspended for violating Twitter’s “incitement to violence” guidelines, which was the same reason former president Donald Trump was removed from the platform following his tweets amid the January 6 Capitol attack.

West’s Twitter had previously been restricted for antisemitic posts before it was reinstated in November along with various other controversial accounts, including Trump’s, under the guise of “free speech.”

White, who previously took his label Third Man Records off of Twitter when Trump’s account was reactivated, has now shared an Instagram post asking Musk, “How’s that ‘free speech’ thing working out?” 

“Oh, I see, so you have to CHOOSE who gets free speech and who doesn’t then?” a sarcastic White writes. “What kind of crybaby liberal suspends someone’s free speech? Hmm….”

White also wonders why Musk is keeping Ye and Jones — who’s been ordered to pay nearly $1 billion in damages after defaming the families of those killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting — off Twitter while still allowing Trump on the platform.

“Is it that liar Jones, and anti-Semite egomaniac Kanye can’t provide tax breaks for billionaires the way the former president could?” White writes. “Or that maybe the controller of this ‘free speech” is insulted personally? Or that just maybe, there needs to be, oh I don’t know, RULES and REGULATIONS or else you breed chaos?”

He adds, “Do the right thing Elon and don’t provide other hate mongers a stage.”

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