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Jack White explains intentions for Prince’s ‘Camille’ album: “I would never mess with Prince’s music”

Ki Price/Getty Images

Earlier this year, it was reported that Jack White and his label, Third Man Records, had obtained the rights to release the lost Prince album Camille. White has now shared a bit more info about the project and, more specifically, what he will not be doing with the record.

In an Instagram post, White sets out to clarify a “misleading” recent headline reporting that he “plans to ‘re-edit'” Camille.

“I want to make sure the message is clear,” White says. “Neither I nor Third Man Records, have any intention of ‘editing’ or ‘remixing’ Prince’s music.”

Prince originally recorded Camille in 1986 under a pseudonym. While all the songs on the album were eventually put out, including on Prince’s 1987 record Sign o’ the Times, they were never released together as a single package.

“I was referring to simply putting the songs in the original order that the album Camille was in, as those songs have been put out in multiple releases since Camille was first taken off the presses,” White explains.

“I would never mess with Prince’s music,” he adds. “Hopefully that clears up any misunderstanding, and this album can see the light of day in its original form.”

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