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Interpol announces ‘Interpolations’ remix project

M Interpol 041923
Matador Records

Interpol has announced Interpolations, a collection of remixes of songs off the band’s 2022 album The Other Side of Make-Believe.

“We are proud to unveil the Interpolations project, a collaborative series wherein 5 talented artists were invited to reimagine tracks from our latest album, The Other Side of Make-Believe — and the results are truly inspired,” Interpol says. “We are so excited that such a great collection of artists were able to connect with our music and we hope these songs connect with you.”

Those artists are Daniel Avery, Makaya McCraven, Jeff Parker, Jesu and Water from Your Eyes. You can listen to McCraven’s take on the track “Big Shot City” now via digital outlets, while the other four remixes will be released “over the coming months.”

Interpol will be touring the U.S. starting in August alongside The Smashing Pumpkins.

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