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“Honorary Gorilla” Stevie Nicks to appear in video for Gorillaz collaboration


Gorillaz‘s upcoming album, Cracker Island, features a collaboration with Stevie Nicks, who had only one “demand” for taking part in the song.

Speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Nicks shares that she requested to be in the video for the track, which is called “Oil.”

“That’s how I know about the Gorillaz, is because of all their crazy cartoon videos,” Nicks says. “I’m going, ‘I want to be in the ‘Oil’ video. I want to be a Gorilla, and I want to have big, false eyelashes, and I want to have blond hair, right?'”

“I said, ‘This is my one demand that I will make,'” the “Landslide” singer continues. “And so, they’re doing it as we speak.”

Nicks adds that she’s “so proud” of the collaboration, which she describes as “somewhere between love and war.”

“I was an honorary Heartbreaker, I was an honorary Foo Fighter,” she says. “And now, I’m an honorary Gorilla. I’m so happy.”

Cracker Island will be released February 24, 2023. It also features collaborations with artists including Beck, Tame Impala and Thundercat.

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