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Hear Nickelback’s "Rockstar" sung as a sea shanty

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The sea shanty craze on TikTok shows no signs of slowing down — and even Nickelback is riding the wave.

According to NME, a group called Lottery Winners redid Nickelback’s smash 2005 single “Rockstar” as a sea shanty last Monday, January 19.  When the members of Nickelback saw it, they added their own vocals and video to the mix, and the mash-up, posted just two- days ago, has now scored over 240,000 likes.

It’s worth watching just to see front man Chad Kroeger dressed as a sea captain, standing on the bow of what appears to be an actual boat while he sings along.

“Thanks to our new friends @thelotterywinners for letting us join them on a new take of ‘Rockstarrrr,'” the group wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, the guy who kicked off the TikTok sea shanty crazy — 26-year-old Scottish mailman Nathan Evans — has landed a record deal.  His version of the 19th century sea shanty “Wellerman” is expected to reach the Top 10 in the U.K. this week.

By Andrea Dresdale
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