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Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale defends Greta Van Fleet

Photo by Mick Lite for 105.7 The Point
Photo by Mick Lite for 105.7 The Point

Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale has defended Greta Van Fleet over accusations that the Michigan rockers have ripped off Led Zeppelin, telling Rolling Stone that “a lot of kids should be reintroduced” to the style of rock and roll that Zeppelin was famous for.

Despite the fact that Greta Van Fleet has managed to sell out shows all over the world, the quartet has been criticized for channeling a sound uncannily similar to Zeppelin, with singer Josh Kiszka drawing criticism for allegedly copying Robert Plant‘s vocal style.

Asked if she was a fan of the group, Hale responded, “I am, because I was that age once. I started (Halestorm) when I was a kid too. I know people dog on them about how they sound similar to Zeppelin, but at the same time, when we first started putting our stuff into the world, didn’t we wear our influences on our sleeves?”

Hale added, “I’ll take it, because Led Zeppelin is awesome and I think a lot of kids should be reintroduced to this. Just by being up there and playing instruments — they plug in, play and actually sing — it’s a great thing for kids to see.”

Story source: Rolling Stone


  • Halestorm released its latest album, Vicious, last July. The single “Uncomfortable” is nominated for a Grammy Award this year for Best Rock Performance.
  • Greta Van Fleet’s debut LP, Anthem Of The Peaceful Army, came out in October. The band has landed four Grammy nominations, for Best New Artist, Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song.

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