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Halestorm returns “Back from the Dead” by writing “the craziest song we could”

Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

As countless horror movies have shown us, when things come back from the dead, they’re never exactly like they were before. For Halestorm, though, that’s a good thing.

The “I Miss the Misery” rockers have returned with “Back from the Dead,” their first new song in three years and the first preview off their upcoming fifth album. As drummer Arejay Hale tells ABC Audio, returning “Back from the Dead” meant a new approach for him and his band mates.

“For all of our albums up until this one, our mission objective has always been, ‘Keep it really simple, keep it really open,'” Hale explains. “That old-school mentality of, ‘Hey, more simplicity means more space.'”

“For this new song, we just decided to do the opposite,” he adds. “Like, ‘Let’s just bring more energy. Let’s make it more exciting and more fun!'”

As a drummer, that energy allowed Hale the freedom to bring his whole-body live playing to the studio.

“I think it’s closer to the style of playing that’s directly from here,” Hale says, pointing to his heart. “It’d definitely much more representative of how we play live.”

Indeed, Hale feels that “Back from the Dead,” and the rest of the upcoming new material, finds Halestorm the closest they’ve ever been to bringing the magic of their live shows to the studio. Ironically, that may be because they’ve been sidelined from the road for the longest time in their career due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think that we just hit a breaking point where we’re just, like, ‘I am so sick of being at home! I wanna play shows!’ Hale recalls.

“We just wanted to get the hell back out there,” he says. “We wanted to just write the craziest song we could.”

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