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Halestorm preaches the “intangible magic that is music” with latest #1 hit, “The Steeple”

Harry Herd/Redferns

Here’s the church, and here’s “The Steeple.” Open the doors and see Halestorm‘s latest #1 hit.

Lzzy Hale and company’s current single has reached the top of Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart. It’s the sixth Halestorm tune to achieve that feat and the second from the group’s new album Back from the Dead, following the title track.

As Hale tells ABC Audio, both “Back from the Dead” and “The Steeple” are songs about “survival,” though “The Steeple” has more of an outward message.

“We came out with a banger with ‘Back from the Dead,’ and that was more first-person, me-talking-about-me,” Hale laughs. “So with ‘The Steeple’ I really wanted to put out that sense of community.”

As the preacher in “The Steeple,” Hale is reaching out to those who subscribe to the church of rock and the congregation of live shows.

“I wanted to remind everybody of … the big ‘why’ we go to shows, and the big ‘why’ that we all stand together,” Hale says.

“There is that feeling that happens [when] you’re in a crowd of people and you’re all singing the song together, and you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with people that are just like you,” she continues. “It’s a beautiful communion, and it’s a celebration of this thing, this intangible magic that is music.”

That magic, Hale has found, is irreplaceable.

“It’s the best feeling in the world, and that hole cannot be filled with anything else, as we discovered during lockdown,” Hale laughs. “There is nothing else that is like it.” 

Back from the Dead is out now.

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