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Greta Van Fleet members not pleased with state of rock music

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella

The members of Greta Van Fleet took time during a new interview with Rolling Stone to bemoan the current state of rock music and the way people experience it, with bassist Sam Kiszka saying, “There’s some fantastic music out there that’s new, that’s true to itself, well written. The problem is that it’s not being played on the radio, it’s not being played on these massive media formats. People ignore good music because it takes a little bit of extra brain power to listen to, but it’s so much more rewarding.”

Singer Josh Kiszka added, “The scary thing about listening to pop radio is that sometimes you don’t know if you’re listening to the same damn artist.” Guitarist Jake Kiszka continued, “I think the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll was cut off at some point. So it’s about taking it, going back to where it was, and evolving it forward again. I think that our generation needs to carry the tradition.”

Josh continued, “Rock and roll to us is liberation . . . But I don’t want people to hear me talking about rock and roll and think I mean the kind of s**t they’re putting out now.”

Jake was even more direct, saying, “All the modern music we were exposed to is stuff on the radio, and I can’t stomach that.”

Greta Van Fleet played in Michigan clubs for six years before rocketing to the top of the rock radio charts last year with “Highway Tune.” The track is taken from the Black Smoke Rising EP, which came out last April. Their latest single is “Safari Song.”

After issuing two EPs, the band is currently recording its full-length debut in Nashville and Detroit.

After playing the second round of the Coachella Festival this weekend, Greta Van Fleet will launch a spring tour on April 29th at the Welcome To Rockville festival in Jacksonville, Florida.

Story source: Rolling Stone

DID YOU KNOW? Twin brothers Josh and Jake Kiszka are 21 years old, while third sibling Sam Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner are both 19.