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Greta Van Fleet injects "more depth" into "rock n’ roll attitude" with latest number-one single, "My Way, Soon"

Credit: Alysse Gafkjen

Just like their breakout hits “Highway Tune” and “Safari Song,” Greta Van Fleet‘s “My Way, Soon” has hit number one on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart. Unlike those two songs, however, “My Way, Soon” finds the young rockers exploring a new lyrical direction.

“My Way, Soon” is a more vague, introspective song compared to the direct, more surface-level “Highway Tune” and “Safari Song.” As frontman Josh Kiszka tells ABC Audio, his lyrical style during Greta’s early days was mainly driven by “rock n’ roll attitude,” along with a fair amount of “angst or anxiety.”

“It was really coming from a place of traditional blues and blues rock and a lot of that stuff,” Kiszka explains. “That’s really what it was at the beginning.”

As Greta Van Fleet started work on more music, Kiszka and his band mates felt a “natural inclination” to write lyrics with “more depth.” However, he was initially hesitant to follow that path.

“It’s taken awhile for me to feel confident that it’s an appropriate thing for me to do, and that anybody would listen or consider the writing as something significant at all,” Kiszka shares.

Kiszka eventually found that confidence thanks to a whole lot of time on the road touring behind Greta’s debut album, Anthems of the Peaceful Army, a lot of which was spent reading books with his band mates.

“[I had] this realization that, ‘Oh! I can!'” Kiszka recalls. “I can absolutely do this, in writing, in music, and put it out to a greater deal of people that will consume these ideas, and hopefully have some good contemplation about those ideas.”

“My Way, Soon” is the lead single off Greta Van Fleet’s upcoming sophomore album The Battle at Garden’s Gate, which will be released April 16.

By Josh Johnson
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