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Gorillaz shares new ‘Cracker Island’ song, “Baby Queen”


Gorillaz has premiered a new song called “Baby Queen,” a track off their upcoming album, Cracker Island.

“Baby Queen” begins with the lyric, “I met the princess from Thailand, again” and is presumably the song frontman Damon Albarn told the Los Angeles Times he was writing about meeting the Crown Princess of Thailand during a 1997 Blur show in Bangkok.

“She was only 14 at the time, and she came to see us, and due to the very specific role the royal family play in Thailand, they put a throne next to the mixing board for her to sit in, surrounded by I don’t know how many soldiers,” Albarn recalled. “‘Song 2’ started and she stood on her throne and stage-dived into the crowd.”

“The reason I’ve written a song about it is because I had a dream about this princess very recently,” he added. “She’d grown up and we spent time in my dream together, her as a woman.”

That LA Times interview was also the same article in which Albarn infamously said that Taylor Swift “doesn’t write her own songs.” Albarn later apologized “unreservedly and unconditionally” to Swift.

Cracker Island will be released February 24, 2023. It also includes the previously released song “New Gold” and the title track.

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