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Google Alert accidentally says new tool album is out

Singer Maynard James Keenan of A Perfect Circle performs onstage at the Northside Festival on June 8, 2018 in Aarhus, Denmark.
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Tool fans got the shock of their lives on Monday morning (July 16th) when Google sent out a news alert announcing that the band’s new album had been released. The alert read, “IllutionWorld by Tool was released today,” prompting an online frenzy as fans scurried to find out the deal — but it wasn’t exactly what they hoped for.

It turns out that IllutionWorld is a musical effort, only not by a progressive heavy rock act but by a rapper named TOOL$ who posted it on Soundcloud.

Fans reacted strongly on Twitter, with one writing, “Google nearly gave me a heart attack,” while another got right to the point and said, “OK @Google, go f**k yourself.”

Tool finally entered the studio this spring to record the band’s first album in more than 12 years. Legal issues, illness, a drawn-out writing process and other challenges kept the band from entering the studio until this past March. The yet-to-be-titled follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days is set to be released sometime in early 2019.

Guitarist Adam Jones told us a while back that the loyalty of Tool’s fans allows the band to record and tour on its own terms: “Other bands who are successful come to our shows or see, like, our thing and go, ‘I don’t get it, dude. I don’t get how you do this. You’re not really on radio, you’re not, you know, you don’t play the game.’ And it’s because our fans are very passionate and we take kind of a back door to it.”

Story source: Loudwire

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