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Godsmack releases new single, sets album title and release date


Photo by Gabriel Grams/Getty Images

Godsmack has set When Legends Rise as the title of its first album in four years, due out April 27th. The band has also shared the first single from the LP, called “Bulletproof,” posting the track online and sending it to rock radio stations nationwide. An official music video for the track is coming soon.

CHECK IT OUT: Listen to “Bulletproof”:


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Asked what inspired the songs on When Legends Rise, frontman Sully Erna explained, “It was just about evolving as a songwriter. I wanted to stretch my wings out even further to use all the experiences I’ve had with writing different types of music over the years and applying that to find a way to introduce a newer, fresher, more mature sound, but still maintaining the power of Godsmack.”

The new disc is Godsmack’s seventh studio effort and follows up to 2014’s 1000 Horsepower. It’s also the band’s first release through BMG after splitting with its longtime home, Republic/Universal Records.

Erna added that the title of the album refers to “the band and our journey,” adding, “It’s been an amazing road we have traveled through all the ups and downs. But being able to conquer those challenging times with alcohol and egos and everything else that can tear a band apart is what we are the most proud of.”

Erna told us a while back that the members of the band are in a good place with each other these days: “You know, I think we’re finally to that place now where everybody just has so much respect for each other and we’ve gotten over the really tough moments and really understand our place as a band now, not only with the fans and in this industry, but amongst each other — you know, getting through all those tough spots and coming back to a place where we really have regained our brotherhood and we’re getting along better now than ever.”

Godsmack will perform at several music festivals this spring and summer, including April’s Welcome To Rockville and Fort Rock, May’s Carolina Rebellion and July’s Rock USA. Further tour plans have yet to be announced.


  • When Legends Rise was recorded at Godsmack’s headquarters in Derry, New Hampshire and produced by Erik Ron and Sully Erna.
  • Godsmack filmed a video for “Bulletproof” on February 7th in Los Angeles, featuring cameos from country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach and TV personality Chris Jacobs from Overhaulin’.
  • A song called “Unforgettable” features backing vocals from a group of kids from the Derry Middle Schools of New Hampshire.
  • Other songs on the record include “Every Part Of Me,” “Take It To The Edge,” “Under Your Scars,” “Someday,” “Just One Time,” “Say My Name,” “Let it Out,” “Eye Of The Storm” and the title track.