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Glass Animals frontman ponders the connection between 'Dreamland' singles "Heat Waves" & "Your Love"

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Credit: Pooneh Ghana

Every song on Glass Animals‘ new album Dreamland is linked in some way, but singles “Heat Waves” and “Your Love (Déjà Vu)” feel especially connected.

On “Heat Waves,” the current Dreamland single, Dave Bayley sings about “late nights in the middle of June,” while in “Your Love,” he mentions “these summertime nights.” Beyond both taking place during a particular season, Bayley tells ABC Audio he thinks that the two songs also share certain lyrical themes.

“They’re both definitely two of the songs that are about relationships and sort of knowing that they’re doomed,” he laughs.

Bayley adds that “Heat Waves” could be considered the “sequel” to “Your Love.”

“‘Your Love’ is sort of realizing that person’s gonna keep hurting you, and that you can’t save this thing…it is doomed,” Bayley explains. “And ‘Heat Waves’ is kinda realizing that that’s OK. It’s…just accepting that you can’t always make everyone happy.”

“Yeah they definitely sit together,” he muses. “I’ve never even thought about that before.”

Dreamland is out now.

By Josh Johnson
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