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Ghost singer reveals why he wrote ‘Rats’

Photo by MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/Redferns/Getty Images

Ghost lead singer Tobias Forge, who performs under the names Papa Emeritus and now Cardinal Copia, told us what inspired him to write “Rats,” the first single from the Swedish act’s upcoming album Prequelle: “A few years ago, I decided, like, ‘I really want to have a big opening track that just blows people’s minds immediately.’ So I wrote ‘Square Hammer’ and that went well. But I didn’t want ‘Square Hammer’ to turn into a ‘Start Me Up,’ where that always feels best to play first. I want to be able to mix it up. So we needed another song that works as an opening track. That was basically my intention with ‘Rats.'”

Ghost has officially announced a June 1st release date for Prequelle, which follows up the breakthrough 2015 album Meliora.

A number of pre-order packages for Prequelle have been launched, and among the items available are Ghost-themed masks similar to those worn by plague doctors back in the 17th century.

Forge has hinted that the theme of the album has to do in part with the arrival of the Black Plague in Europe, among other events in history.

Ghost will kick off a run of North American dates on May 5th in Riverside, California. Get details on the St. Louis tour stop on the Iron Age Concert Calendar.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the video for “Rats”:

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