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From the "cheeky" to the "sinister," Greta Van Fleet frontman teases "dynamic" new album

Credit: Alysse Gafkjen

Ahead of Greta Van Fleet‘s upcoming sophomore album The Battle at Garden’s Gate, the band has shared two new songs: “My Way, Soon,” and “Age of Machine.” The tracks sound very different from each other, and as frontman Josh Kiszka tells ABC Audio, they each reflect the album in separate ways.

Lead single “My Way, Soon,” for example, is a “cheeky” tune that Kiszka says was “inspired by our travels.”

“It was the first song, I think maybe the only song, I’ve ever written in first person,” he shares.

Kiszka adds that the title “My Way, Soon” is a fun reference to Greta’s breakout hit, “Highway Tune.”

“We were sitting around going, ‘Ah, what do we call this?'” Kiszka recalls. “‘Well, it is a bit funny, and it’s gonna act as sort of a vehicle isn’t it? So it’s kinda like ‘Highway Tune,’ isn’t it?'”

“We’re like, ‘Huh, what about ‘My Way, Soon’?'” he laughs. “We just decided, ‘OK, yeah, that’s campy enough, we’ll do that, it’s funny.'”

On the other end of the spectrum — far away from the punny “My Way, Soon” — is the winding “Age of Machine,” a much darker, more mysterious cut.

“I suppose there’s a darkness, or there’s a depth, there’s a sinister nature to [‘Age of Machine’] that [makes up] a good deal of some of the aspects of the album,” Kiszka explains. “In a way, I think ‘Age of Machine’ probably does say something to the direction or the feel of the album.”

However, Kiszka stresses that neither “My Way, Soon” nor “Age of Machine” completely represents The Battle at Garden’s Gate as a whole.

“The album is really diverse and really dynamic,” he says.

The Battle at Garden’s Gate is due out April 16, 2021.

By Josh Johnson
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