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From rock to techno to classical, Måneskin breaks down band’s many influences: “That’s the cool thing about us”


Being a band that can cover The Four Seasons, Iggy Pop and Britney Spears in the same set, Måneskin is clearly inspired by many different types of music. As frontman Damiano David tells ABC Audio, each of the band members has their own specific influences that they bring to the Måneskin sound.

“[Guitarist] Thomas [Raggi] is very into ’70s and ’80s rock ‘n’ roll, so the more classic, milestone bands,” David explains. “And I’m more into the [2000s], Strokes and Arctic [Monkeys] and stuff like that.”

Meanwhile, bassist Victoria De Angelis‘ tastes range from U.K. punk to techno, while drummer Ethan Torchio is the “mad dog in this conversation.”

“Ethan is f***ing crazy and listens to instrumental songs … classical music,” David laughs.

Those influences are not limited to Måneskin’s wide array of covers, but apply to the group’s original material, as well.

“Every time you hear our songs, you can hear many different things, and all of that will be correct,” David says. “Maybe there’s more of my influence in a song, and in another there’s more of Thomas’ influence.”

“I think that that’s the cool thing about us,” he adds. “We kind of always manage to mix all our different tastes together.”

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