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Foo Fighters recreate “The Sky is a Neighborhood” video live


Photo by Tim Mosenfelder | Getty Images

Foo Fighters performed at the Brit Awards ceremony in London for the first time on Wednesday (February 21st), appearing on top of the roof of a makeshift house to recreate the video for the song they played, “The Sky Is A Neighborhood.” The “hastily constructed ski chalet,” as host Jake Whitehall called it, was set against a moon and starlit sky backdrop.

The band also took home the Best International Group award for the fourth time, having won the category previously in 2008, 2012 and 2015. The Foos have now won a total of six Brits over the years.

  • “The Sky Is a Neighborhood” appears on 2017’s Concrete And Gold, the band’s ninth studio effort.
  • Frontman Dave Grohl dedicated their International Group award to fellow rockers, saying, “This one goes out to all the musicians who get up on stage and plug in and play. And long live rock and roll.”
  • Foo Fighters will next kick off a new North American run on April 18th in Austin, Texas, with dates throughout the spring, summer and fall.


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