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Five Finger Death Punch shares new song ‘Sham Pain’

Photo by Samuel de Roman/Redferns/Getty Images

Five Finger Death Punch has unveiled the new song “Sham Pain,” off the band’s long-awaited seventh studio album And Justice For None. The new song is the second of three brand new pre-order tracks and follows last week’s release, “Fake.” Fans can expect one more additional song to be revealed on May 4th, two weeks before the entire LP arrives on May 18th.

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory explained what “Sham Pain” is about, saying, “‘Sham Pain’ is a lyrical snapshot of probably the biggest, yet most chaotic year of this band’s career. Everyone has a different way of dealing with the moments when life hands them lemons…some complain and some make lemonade. Us, we pour gasoline on it and then hit it with a rocket launcher.”

Bathory told us a while back that singer Ivan Moody always brings a new and unique angle to the lyrics he writes: “Ivan has a tendency to bring something that we didn’t expect, you know. When you write music, you expect certain things about to happen on it, and then he comes back with something unexpected.”

The band recently shot a video for the tune which should arrive shortly.

The release of And Justice For None was delayed for the better part of a year by a legal battle between Five Finger Death Punch and its now-former label, Prospect Park.

Five Finger Death Punch will hit a handful of festivals and play around a dozen dates with Shinedown this spring, before launching a massive co-headlining run with Breaking Benjamin on July 16th in Seattle.

See Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin at the Point’s Big Summer Show on August 7th. Get details on the Iron Age Concert Calendar.

CHECK IT OUT: Listen to “Sham Pain” (warning – explicit lyrics):

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