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Five Finger Death Punch guitarist says legal woes inspired album title


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Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory told Detroit radio station WRIF that the title of the band’s new album, And Justice For None, was inspired by the group’s recent legal battle with former label Prospect Park. Bathory explained, “There was this back-and-forth forever, and finally when we settled, I think Ivan (Moody, vocals) was the one who said, ‘Well, I guess that’s justice for none.’ And we were, like, ‘Let’s call the album And Justice For None.'”

Bathory acknowledged that the band picked that title even though Metallica released an LP called . . . And Justice For All. He added, “We all know there’s (the) Metallica album . . . And (those) lyrics, actually, Metallica’s ‘. . . And Justice For All,’ make a lot of sense to me. The same crap 30 years later, right?”

And Justice For None was originally completed in December 2016 but its release was delayed by the legal issues.

Asked if the band changed any of the LP during the past year, Bathory replied, “We ended up recording a couple of more songs that was part of the agreement with the label; we recorded three more songs for the album that was part the settlement.”

And Justice For None will arrive on May 18th. Bathory said about the music, “We have a sound, and we’re not gonna really go far away from that. We sometimes experiment, but we have a sound. And for us, it’s always about writing the song — the song is what matters the most to us.”

Bathory told us a while back that everyone in the band can come up with material: “You know, it’s important to write songs. There was a time when people couldn’t be in a band if they couldn’t write songs or they couldn’t play their instruments. In this band, that’s how this band was kind of assembled, like everybody’s a top shelf musician. Everybody can really kick ass, and we have a singer who can sing. And then we write songs.”

Five Finger Death Punch will hit a handful of festivals and play around a dozen dates with Shinedown this spring. The band will then kick off a co-headlining run with Breaking Benjamin on July 16th in Seattle.

Story source: Blabbermouth

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