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Finneas' name on his own phone is Mike Shinoda, thanks to Mike Shinoda


In these uncertain times, it’s comforting to know that technology problems also plague famous musicians.

Take, for example, this little nugget from Finneas, who revealed in a tweet that his own name in his own phone has been “irrevocably” changed to Mike Shinoda, thanks to the Linkin Park vocalist himself.

I met Mike Shinoda once and he put his number in my phone but instead of making a new contact for ‘Mike Shinoda,’ he somehow managed to change MY OWN name in my phone to Mike Shinoda irrevocably,” Finneas explained.

“Absolutely nothing I try fixes it,” he added.

Shinoda retweeted Finneas, though he didn’t seem to offer any advice. However, one Linkin Park fan replied with the sage wisdom, “Doesn’t even matter how hard you try,” a reference to the band’s hit “In the End.”

Perhaps this phone snafu could lead to a Finneas and Shinoda collaboration — after all, both are prolific producers who also release their own solo music.

Shinoda just released a new song called “Happy Endings” in collaboration with iann dior and UPSAHL. Finneas, meanwhile, has put out a number of singles over the past few months, and is working with his sister Billie Eilish on her next album.

By Josh Johnson
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