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Fall Out Boy directs fans to “Pink Seashell Beach” website with cryptic postcards

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Josh Brasted/Getty Images

It appears Fall Out Boy is continuing to tease the arrival of new music.

Last month, an ad popped up in the “Dance, Dance” band’s hometown Chicago Tribune newspaper seemingly hinting at the upcoming release of Fall Out Boy’s next album with the phrase “FOB 8.” Now, fans on social media are reporting that they’ve received postcards from Fall Out Boy directing them to a website called

If you go to the website, you’ll find a banner welcoming you to a seaside town called Pink Seashell Beach. In the corner, there’s a pink seashell that teases, “The answers are all inside of this.” If you click that, you’ll find writing in Japanese that translates to “If you build it they will come,” a phrase that also showed up in the Chicago Tribune ad.

In another corner of the site, you can click on a box that says “Do not open before Christmas,” which invites you to fill in your contact info. Of note: the site’s terms and conditions page says it’s “operated by Fall Out Boy Inc.”

Fall Out Boy’s most recent album, their seventh studio effort, is 2018’s M A N I A.

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