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Ex-Marilyn Manson band member: “I hope he suffers”


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Fans and friends of Marilyn Manson may be concerned about the shock rocker’s well-being after a large stage prop collapsed right on top of him Saturday night (September 30th) in New York, but one former member of Manson’s band is reveling in his ex-boss’s misfortune. Former Manson keyboardist Stephen Bier, known as Madonna Wayne Gacy, accused Manson of milking the injury for publicity, adding, “I hope he suffers.”

In a now-deleted post on Facebook, Bier wrote, “I guess he was close enough for my black magic to work. This is why old wasted people shouldn’t fumble around in the dark.”

  • Manson was injured roughly an hour into his concert at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom, just the third date on the North American leg of the Heaven Upside Down tour.
  • According to reports and video taken of the incident, he was climbing a piece of the set comprised of two giant guns attached to scaffolding, which then fell on top of him. Manson was motionless for several minutes as crew members lifted the prop off his body. He was taken out on a stretcher and transported to a local hospital.
  • The rest of the concert was canceled, as were the next nine dates on the tour, with Manson now scheduled to resume the run on October 15th in Grand Prairie, Texas.
  • Bier also dismissed Manson’s claim that he had broken his ankle during a Friday night (September 29th) gig in Pittsburgh, saying, “If he had broken his ankle he wouldn’t be walking around like this . . . I recall the same excuse being used to cancel a Los Angeles show when all it was was a slightly sprained ankle.”
  • Bier added that Manson was “pretty famous for turning his wasted mistakes into serendipitous publicity events” and disputed whether the guns that fell on the singer were even that heavy, saying, “When you’re shipping things around the country you want them to be as light as possible and need as few crew hands as possible to move and set up.”
  • Bier played with Manson from 1989 until 2007, after which he sued his employer for $20 million in back payments. It was settled in 2009, with Gacy receiving $380,000, but bad blood clearly still exists between the two.
  • Manson himself had said a while back that he can be a difficult boss: “I’m sure everyone thinks I’m a complete a*****e, but it’s only because I put so much detail and perfection into what I do. I want everyone else around me to feel the same, and when they do, then I let them know that we’re all in this together, whether that means my band members, or the lady that works on my boots.”

SIDE NOTES: How much does Stephen Bier dislike Marilyn Manson? Last year when musicians like Prince and David Bowie were passing away in a relatively short span of time, Bier wrote, “I am genuinely amazed at how many prominent entertainers and musicians have kicked off in the last 30 days . . . too bad Brian Warner (Manson’s real name) isn’t one of them. I can’t wait to do: the electric boogaloo, the Texas two step, the waltz, and an Irish jig on his grave.”


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