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Evanescence singer Amy Lee releases new song from film


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Evanescence singer Amy Lee has unveiled a new single called "Speak To Me", which will be the end title theme to the upcoming supernatural thriller Voice From The StoneEmilia Clarke of Game Of Thrones fame stars in the film as a nurse who is asked to aid a young boy who has fallen silent after the sudden passing of his mother.

Lee said about the track, "There are many reasons why I felt inspired to work on this project," adding, "As a new mother myself, the film resonated very deeply with me . . . It is a rare phenomenon to really share a creative vision so completely, and that made for a very powerful experience, and an end result that I am very proud of.”

  • The singer explained a while back that film has always been an inspiration for her music: "The biggest thing that's inspired our music, honestly, is film, and that's kind of what gives it that epic feel and that's just, it's very much movie-inspired. You're inspired by the drama. You know, it's like life isn't dramatic enough to completely fulfill the sound of my lyrics, I guess."
  • Lee recorded the song at the legendary Skywalker Ranch in northern California, and worked with the film's director, Eric Howell, on the music video.
  • She said about the clip, "We conceived the video as a parallel and backstory to the film, which explores the strong bond of love between Malvina and her son, and the belief that love is stronger than death."
  • Voice From The Stone is due for release on July 24th. The trailer arrived last week. "Speak To Me" is available for download and streaming on all the usual services.
  • Lee is currently in the studio with Evanescence working on new music, to be released later this year.


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