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Evanescence is set to release its fourth album later this fall, and drummer Will Hunt told Radio Metal that lead singer and sole original member Amy Lee is taking “real big risks” with the band’s sound this time around. Hunt said, “Honestly, I think it’s amazing. It’s always going to sound like Evanescence, ’cause it’s Amy Lee singing, but the vehicle for that voice can be different and still be Evanescence.”

As Lee herself hinted in some interviews earlier this year, Hunt said that Evanescence is incorporating some electronic sounds into the new album, explaining, “There are new colors in the pattern. There’s a lot of cool new things going on, both electronically and futuristically. I think she’s doing something that’s very special and hasn’t been done before. I’m a supporter. I think it’s killer.”

Lee told us that she doesn’t think there’s a huge difference between the “old” and “new” Evanescence: “I think that what I do already lends itself to exactly what we’re doing. Our band has always had programming and inspirations by Bjork and Depeche Mode and Massive Attack and that kind of thing. And it’s not like we’re making one of those records. It’s like that is playing a bigger role in the sound of Evanescence, if that makes any sense.”

Evanescence has not released an album since 2006’s The Open Door.

Three former original members of the band, Ben Moody, John LeCompt, and Rocky Gray, teamed last year with American Idol runner-up Carly Smithson in We Are The Fallen. Their debut disc, Tear The World Down, came out in May.