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Deftones singer composes score for episode of horror series

Deftones close out Pointfest 2016 at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis on Saturday, May 21st, 2016
Photo by Ben Vogelsang | Idea Machine Productions for 105.7 The Point

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has composed the score for a new episode of the Hulu original horror anthology series Into The Dark. The April Fools’ Day-themed segment, titled “I’m Just F**king With You,” will premiere on Friday, April 5th.

The episode tells the story of a man and his sister on the way to a family wedding, who endure a night of increasingly frightening practical jokes during a one-night stay at a secluded motel. Into The Dark is a monthly horror anthology featuring 12 super-sized episodes inspired by a holiday.

Deftones are working on their ninth studio album, which is slated to arrive in 2019. Moreno told us a while back it’s always encouraging to see the fan response whenever the band gets back to work: “That’s something that we’re really appreciative of, that we’ve been a band as long as we have and after this much time — especially with this, you know, taking a year and a half or two years between records — that, you know, people are still there and eager to hear us and see us again. So yeah, we’re very appreciative of that and it’s nothing that we take for granted at all.”

Moreno recently sang on the track “Structure of Love II” from the Australian death-pop duo Vowws, and released a solo single, “Brief Exchange,” last year as part of the Dark Nights: Metalcompilation.

Story source: Deadline

DID YOU KNOW? The Into The Dark episode that Chino is scoring is directed by Adam Mason, who is producing and directing a film project called Black Antenna that will act as a companion piece to the recently released Alice In Chains album Rainier Fog. The 90-minute sci-fi film will be rolled out in 10 episodic segments, with each episode set to a different song from the album.

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