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Dave Grohl’s pre-Nirvana punk band reissuing classic album

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The band that Dave Grohl played drums in before joining Nirvana, legendary Washington D.C. hardcore act Scream, will reissue its fourth album, No More Censorship, on CD, digital and silver vinyl via Southern Lord Records on April 27th. Retitled NMC17 (No More Censorship), the physical versions boast new packaging and artwork, as well as a booklet filled with photos, lyrics, poetry and other personal writings from the band from that era.

The set is dedicated to photographer Naomi Petersen, who found the album’s original master tapes and passed them along to Scream singer Peter Stahl. The tapes were then restored and remixed at Grohl’s 606 Studio.

The album marked Grohl’s studio debut with the band after joining the group in 1986 at the age of 17. He toured extensively with Scream and recorded two studio albums before the group disbanded in 1990, after which he got an offer to join Nirvana.

Grohl told us a while back that although he always sang and played guitar, he considered himself a drummer first: “I just kinda had the knack for drums. Joined a band and the drummer was so bad that I said, ‘Give me those sticks now. I think I could probably figure this out.’ And I just stuck with the drums for years. But I always have played guitar, and after Nirvana was finished I thought, you know, I’m too young to become a studio session drummer, I might as well go try my hand at actually singing and playing guitar. And it worked out.”

Scream released No More Censorship in 1988 at the tail end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The album got its title from the administration’s efforts to censor art and music, with Stahl recalling, “Hearings were held in Congress about lyrics and albums, and warnings were placed on album covers . . . So much of what was going on then is still so relevant today. History repeats.”

Stahl’s brother, Scream guitarist Franz Stahl, later joined Grohl in Foo Fighters from 1997 to 1999.

Story source: Rolling Stone

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