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Dave Grohl supports charity choir version of Foo Fighters song


Photo by Tim Mosenfelder | Getty Images

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl reached out on Tuesday (December 26th) to the Sweet Charity Choir U.K. to acknowledge their performance of the Foos song “Come Alive.” The tune, originally an album track on the 2007 Foo Fighters album Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace, was chosen as a fitting theme for the choir’s message of suicide prevention.

After seeing the video of the choir singing the song, Grohl wrote on Facebook, “Thank you Sweet Charity Choir & Music Support for such a beautiful rendition of ‘Come Alive’…and for making this song of hope even more hopeful. Perfect way to ring in the new year.”

  • The choir said in a statement, “We were moved by the beauty of ‘Come Alive’ by Foo Fighters and wanted to promote the physical and mental health benefits of singing as well as encouraging those in need to reach out. You have a voice; we are all here to listen.”
  • The choir explained in an additional statement, “Every year we lose incredible artists in the music industry to suicide. Over 50% of roadies or other music industry professionals have attempted or considered suicide, and most of them have not sought help . . . We want to raise awareness of Music Support: a charity in the U.K. run by volunteers within the music industry who provide a confidential help line for anyone in the music profession who needs help.”
  • The clip ends with links to the Music Support and Samaritans USA organizations as well as a Wikipedia link to Suicide Crisis Lines in a number of countries.
  • Foo Fighters will play in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve (December 31st) and will launch a spring 2018 North American tour next April.


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Here’s the video of the choir

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And here is the original version of “Come Alive”

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