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Cannons don't want to "chase another 'Fire for You'" with upcoming new album

Credit: Pooneh Ghana

Last week, Cannons hit number one on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay chart with their breakout single, “Fire for You.” If you enjoyed grooving out to the trio’s neon-drenched vibe, then we have some good news for you.

“We’re just about finished with a new album,” lead vocalist Michelle Joy tells ABC Audio. “We’re figuring out [the] timeline and just finishing everything up.”

However, you shouldn’t necessarily expect the record to sound like “Fire for You, Part 2.”

“We’re not trying to chase another ‘Fire for You,'” says guitarist Ryan Clapham.

“We’re just trying to keep doing what made that, which was just what feels good to make and what sounds good to us and what we’re inspired by at the moment,” Joy adds.

Joy shares that she’s “excited” about the “new sounds” she and her band mates are experimenting with on the fresh material.

“I feel like we’re expanding more on the idea of incorporating organic instruments with electronic instruments,” says drummer/keyboardist Paul Davis. “I think we use…more acoustic guitar than we ever even had in any other album.”

Clapham adds that the album feels “darker” than previous Cannons records, possibly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Listening back to the songs that we have on this album, it’s interesting to hear the old stuff that’s on there that’s not necessarily, you know, it’s not happy, but you can tell it just gets a little bit darker,” Clapham says.

“Because of the times,” he laughs.

“Fire for You” is featured on Cannons’ most recent album, 2019’s Shadows.

By Josh Johnson
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