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Beck now feels “sad” he didn’t give “Weird Al” permission to parody “Loser”

Xavi Torrent/WireImage

Beck has sold millions of albums, won the Album of the Year Grammy and has sold-out countless shows, but his career is missing one thing: a “Weird Al” Yankovic parody of “Loser.”

As it turns out, that was a real possibility. In an excerpt from his upcoming episode of Audible’s Words + Music series, Beck explains that he was approached by Yankovic to do a “Loser” parody, but he turned the “Dare to Be Stupid” artist down.

“It was going to be called ‘Schmoozer,'” Beck shares, adding that he now “regret[s] denying [Yankovic] permission” to record the track.

“I think it would have been an amazing video,” he says. “I’m actually really sad that it didn’t happen.”

Leading up to the “Weird Al” revelation, Beck speaks about the critical response to “Loser” and how felt dismissed as a “joke” act.

“When it came out, and it was popular, it still wasn’t taken that serious, at all,” Beck says. “I just remember myriad articles and headlines of ‘one-hit wonder,’ ‘joke band’…’novelty act.'”

You can listen to the whole excerpt, which also includes a new performance of “Loser” via Billboard. The whole episode premieres July 1.

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