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Bastille says third album is written and ready to record


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British modern rock act Bastille has “pretty much written” its third studio album, which will follow up last year’s Wild World. Speaking on The 72 sports podcast, drummer Chris Wood revealed that the group plans to hit the studio in the “next few weeks” to start recording. He explained, “We finished our (second) album campaign . . . we’re going to head back into the studio in the next few weeks. The (new) album is pretty much written in some way shape or form but we need to go and make it and record it.”

Frontman Dan Smith told NME that the group spent “a lot of this year writing our third album,” adding, “We wanted to do something that feels a bit different, wanted to take it a step on from our last record and acknowledge that since we released that album the world seems an even more bizarre and tempestuous place.” He described the forthcoming LP as an “apocalyptic party record.”

  • Bassist Will Farquarson outlined the band’s basic songwriting process a while back, saying: “Yeah, I think it’s more collaborative — I mean, the basis is still Dan’s songwriting. The core process is quite similar, it’s still Dan will start with quite a strong idea and then we’ll kind of embellish it as we can.”
  • Chris Wood also hinted on The 72 that the group may contribute a song to a major upcoming film.
  • Bastille’s sophomore album, Wild World, debuted in the Top Five of the Billboard 200 chart in September 2016.
  • The set contained the Number Two Modern Rock single “Good Grief” and the Number Four hit “Blame.”


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