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Bad Wolves earn first number-one with new lead singer with “infectious” single “Lifeline”

Credit: Jim Louvau

The new era of Bad Wolves is certainly off to a good start.

The band’s single “Lifeline” — the first song to be released with new lead singer Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz — is the number-one song on rock radio, having hit the top spot on the Mediabase Active Rock chart.

As DL tells ABC Audio, recording “Lifeline” “felt good from the start.”

“‘Lifeline’ just definitely felt like it had the right amount of hook, right amount of melody, the right amount of just heavy instrumental still,” DL says. “It still felt very Bad Wolves.”

The hook in particular, DL feels, certainly achieves its goal.

“By the second chorus, you already know that chorus, and you’re singing along with it,” DL says. “It’s infectious and we felt that.”

In addition to introducing DL, “Lifeline” also serves as the lead single for Bad Wolves’ new album, Dear Monsters. While “Lifeline’s” anthemic nature made it a sensible choice, DL thinks any other cut on Dear Monsters could have filled that role.

“Really it could have been any track on the record because I think that’s just kind of how we tend to write,” DL says. “We love the big choruses, we love the stadium kind of sound. Almost any song on this record could have been a single in some way, shape or form.”

Bad Wolves will be putting that theory to the test with the song “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” which is set to be the next Dear Monsters single.

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